Explore Kerala Backwaters in 2024 With These Insider Facts

Have you visited any place in India that is often considered as “Venice of the East“? Not only that, you will even find a wide array of plants, aquatic animals and, most importantly, birds. This has got to be one of the most sought-after places on this planet. Feeling excited Huh!! Don’t worry; we will be taking you all on a fascinating journey through the Kerala Backwaters in this blog.

This is the most awaited blog in the Kerala Blog Series. So without any delay, let’s begin….

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After a fantastic time at Thekkady, it was time for us to move to the coastal region of Allepey (previously Alappuzha). We were still in awe of the ambience of the boat ride at the Periyar Forest. But at the same time, we were super excited about the next part of our journey in Kerala.

It was a cloudy morning when we started from Thekkady. The temperature hovered just below 20 degrees Celsius in the month of February. Now that we are travelling to Allepey, you might be interested to know…..

1. What is the best possible way to reach Alleppey from Thekkady?

If you are a budget traveller, then you can take the Kerala State Road Transport Corporation (KSRTC) bus. There are regular bus services available at affordable rates. You can check our their site for more information.

Shared taxi is also another affordable options. You might take the help of stay manager to get more information of this option. There are generally available near bus stations. Your cost will be reduced as it will be shared by other fellow travellers.

Private taxi is the most convenient option for most travellers. The catch is that you need to be a good negotiator to opt for this transport.

Now that you got an idea of the various possibilities, let’s return to our story. We started from Thekkady after breakfast by 8:30 AM. There was a slight drizzle by the time we departed.

It was a 150 km ride that took us almost 5 hours as we halted in the mid-way and then continued with our journey. Honestly speaking, the journey was by far the best till now as we got some of the best Western Ghats views. It was full of greenery. By the time we reached Alleppey, it was already 1:30 PM. The weather started to clear out.

Now that we reached, the next thing that might pop out from your mind…..

2. Where to stay in Alleppey?

Alleppey is quite renowned among the travel enthusiasts for House Boats. You can find many options among houseboats depending on your budget. Nevertheless, the budget can be expected to be at least 4000 INR for two persons per night.

Alleppey is also known for its Ayurvedic resorts, where you can rejuvenate and relax with traditional Ayurvedic treatments and therapies. Reach out to any of the resorts, get a quote from them and plan a perfect stay.

Now everything depends on your taste or the group you are travelling with. Just check with the stay manager before your arrival if you have any special requests, such as bonfires, stargazing, or any outdoor adventures.

We had a big group travelling with us, so we stayed quite close to a location from where we could catch the backwater boat ride the next day. You can get the help of your stay manager if you want to book a ride or DM us for any help.

Returning to our story, we had our lunch by 3 PM. After a quick refreshment, we decided to explore the local market and the ambience. Like other cities of Kerala, Alleppey is also famous for its rich spices such as cardamom, pepper, cinnamon, and turmeric. We already bought a few from Thekkady.

The best part while we were in the market was the coconut-based products. We found coconut oil, coconut shell handicrafts and coconut husk products. We prefer fresh coconuts for their refreshing water as we were out of breath after constantly walking for over 1.5 hours.

There was a temple nearby that was too crowded. Women wore the famous Kasavu sarees (Sarees in white with golden border). As we thought about entering the temple, it started raining again, and we were forced to return. It was close to 6:30 PM.

For the later part of the night, we sang and danced in the hotel, and even the hotel staff joined in our party. Unfortunately, we only have the night at Alleppey. We were more inclined to experience the backwater boat ride. Now, if you ask us…..

3. What are the famous attractions of Alleppey?

If you planning to explore Alleppey, you can drop a visit to the following places:

Now that you got an idea of the noteworthy attractions of Alleppey, you might be interested for the most awaited part…..

4. How was the experience of the Kerala Backwaters?

As we woke up the next morning, there was a bright sunshine. We loved it, given we had gloomy weather the previous day. In no time, we were ready for the boat trip. If you plan a ferry ride from Alleppey to Kollam, you can check out the government site for more information. Generally, the fare from Alleppey to Kollam is 600 INR per person.

Returning to our story, the boat owner requested us to be ready by 9 AM after breakfast. We were ready with our packed lunch. Soon, we arrived at the designated departure area. It took around 10 minutes to walk from our hotel at Alleppey. The ferry arrived, and we grabbed our seats.

It was a two-storey ferry, with the lower deck having well-organised seating arrangements and the upper deck having plastic chairs with the roof covered with a green-coloured nylon net.

We departed by around 9:10 AM. It was an 8-hour ride to Kollam, our destination for the day. The journey from Alappuzha took us to Punnamads Canal, the location for the world-famous Nehru Trophy Boat Race.

The backwaters indeed provided a glimpse into the traditional lifestyle of the local people living along the waterways. We witnessed fishermen casting their nets, women washing clothes by the banks, and children playing along the shores. It was a joy to watch such sights. As we travelled, we could sense peace and tranquillity in our lives.

The journey then proceeded through the River Pallathruthy to Kavalackal Village Jetty at Chembassery, Kuttanadu Agricultural lands and tourist huts on river banks. In fact, many other villages came on the way, and it was a challenging task to remember all the names; instead, our main focus was on spotting jellyfish, migratory birds, kingfishers, herons, and even majestic eagles soaring above us.

The best part was witnessing the sunset from our ferry; it was a treat to our eyes. We couldn’t realise how 8 hours had passed by. Overall, the experience of the Kerala Backwaters left an everlasting impression in our minds.

We reached Kollam at around 5:30 PM. The jetty was well-constructed and was located just by the side of the road. We reached the main road, where there was an auto stand. We showed one of the auto drivers our hotel’s location; he agreed to take us all. Again, you must be cautious while riding an auto; be sure of the distance and then get in.

In another 15 minutes, we reached our hotel. The hotel was close to the Kollam Railway Station as we were to depart the next day to our last destination in Kerala. So, as we reached Kollam, you might be interested to know…..

5. Best place to stay in Kollam.

Kollam or Quilon has a wide variety of stay options in and around the city. There are good hotels located by the Kollam beachside. You’ll find a range of accommodations, such as hotels, resorts, and guesthouses offering beach views.

Ashtamudi Lake area is also another popular area for staying. If you like market place, the Kollam City Center is also another option.

For us, we chose the city centre area as it would be easy for us to get the conveyance options for next day travel to the railway station. Now the next thing you might be eager about is….

6. What are the main attractions of Kollam?

There are quite a few attractions that you might wish to experience or drop a visit. A few of the noteworthy attractions are:

For us, we decided to take a stroll near our hotel, buy a few souvenirs and return by 8:30 PM to our hotel. An indeed memorable day came to an end.

Hope you got a taste of the Kerala Backwater experience and enjoyed reading as much as we loved describing.

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7. What kind of help are we going to provide?

Let us inform you that we prepare itineraries not only for anywhere in India but also for Asia. We have been travelling since we were toddlers. So here in our blogs and stories, we will give you a glimpse of our journey and help you plan your trip.

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