Plan a Perfect Trip to the Heart of India Madhya Pradesh with these insider facts in 2024

Madhya Pradesh is located in heart of India due to its central location. It is famous for its forts and palaces. Also, it spoils you with many more choices in food: Samosas , Kachoris and Poha with Jalebi are the must-try ones. Let’s take you all through this exciting journey, which will give you a glimpse of these places and also help you plan your itinerary.

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If you are planning a trip to Madhya Pradesh, do not miss out the below places in your itinerary you would be surely amazed by the beauty of these places!

We will be sharing some essential tips you need to know before you plan your trip to this beautiful part of India to indulge yourself in the Royalty of Gwalior or the forts in Orchha or Chanderi.

You could also plan your weekend in the wilderness of Kanha National Park.

Let’s begin…

Best time to visit Madhya Pradesh

The best time to visit Madhya Pradesh is during the winter months (October – March) when the temperature is generally pleasant. December and January are the coldest months. It’s a great time to explore the attractions and indulge in various activities. Summers are usually scorching.

Also, the city hosts various events and festivals like Khajuraho Dance Festival, Tansen Music Festival, Malwa Utsav, Nimar Utsav, etc where you can enjoy the local delicacies at their best and soak yourself in their culture.

Things to carry in your backpack

  1. Cotton or linen clothes that are light and breathable if planning during summertime.
  2. Jacket/sweatshirt if planning a trip during winter months.
  3. Walking/hiking shoes.
  4. Sunscreen lotion with high SPF.
  5. First aid kit with essential medicines.
  6. Reusable water bottle.
  7. Light snacks.
  8. Power bank to charge the phone on the go.

Visa for Foreigners

Foreign travellers can apply for an Indian Visa through here. Check the visa requirements and the documents required from your country of travel.

Travel Insurance

Though travel insurance is not mandatory to enter India, it is highly recommended to get one as it provides coverage in case of unforeseen circumstances such as medical emergencies, baggage loss, trip cancellation, etc.

There are many online options available to choose from. Most of them are pretty affordable. You can check out various options available online.

Things to keep in mind before you book your Stay

We have chosen our stay considering the below points. Also, for budget travellers, these will be helpful.

  1. Check out the stay options, which are located close to local attractions or the areas from where these spots are easily accessible.
  2. There are various types of stay options available, such as budget stays to luxurious hotels. You can choose as per your budget and preference.
  3. Look out for the food options nearby.
  4. Also, you can check for the reviews of the stay property.
  5. Check out the cleanliness and hygiene around the stay area.

Food Options

Madhya Pradesh is renowned for delicacies such as Poha, Dal Bafla, Bhutte ka kees, Bhopali Ghost keema etc. Also, you will get multiple dessert options such as Jalebi, Imarti, Mava Bati, etc. These are a few of the must-try while you are in Madhya Pradesh.

Local Transport

The city has various transport options, such as Taxis, Rickshaws, cabs, buses and autos. You can choose per your needs.

Budget Breakup for the Trip

Stay options:

Gwalior, Orchha, Chanderi : You will get numerous stay options in Gwalior, Orchha or Chanderi. We suggest you stay in the city centre area, given its closeness to the marketplace, and you can easily commute within the city. The cost of your stay could be around 1500 INR per person per day.

Solo travellers can opt for hostels that you can easily get for less than 1000 INR per day.

Food: The average meal cost could be around 100 to 200 INR per person. Food is never an issue when you are in Gwalior.

Cost to reach: Gwalior is well connected by rail, road and air. The fare and the amount depend on the city or the place you are coming from. And for visiting Orchha and Chanderi you could hire a cab from Gwalior. Do not forget to bargain with local trip operators or you can also reach out to your hotel for cab booking.

The total cost for us was around 13000 INR per person for the itinerary we shared in this blog series. Of course, the price can vary based on your choice of stay, food and conveyance.

Best Places to visit in Madhya Pradesh

1. Gwalior

Plan a perfect trip to the Fort City Gwalior with these insider facts in 2024

2. Orchha

Plan a Perfect Weekend Trip to Offbeat Destination Orchha With These Insider Facts in 2024

3. Chanderi

Plan a perfect weekend trip to the City famous for Silk: Chanderi in 2024 with these insider facts

4. Kanha National Park

WhatsApp Image 2023-11-09 at 9.48.19 AM

Plan a Perfect Weekend Adventure to Kanha National Park with these insider facts in 2024

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