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Nepal offers unique spectacular Himalayan views and we are mountain persons.

If you are planning to visit Nepal then this Blog is just for you!

We will be sharing the necessary hacks you need to know before you land your foot in this magical land.

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Best time to visit Nepal

Nepal has four different seasons

1. Autumn (September -November)

2. Spring (March – May)

3. Winter (December – February)

4. Summer/Monsoon (June – August)

We chose the winter month of December to explore this stunning landlocked country.

Things to carry in your backpack

  1. Warm clothing.
  2. Thermal layers to keep yourself warm.
  3. Thick woollen cap/ scarfs/muflers/headbands.
  4. Woollen gloves.
  5. Walking/hiking shoes.
  6. Moisturizing Lotion.
  7. Sunscreen lotion with high SPF.
  8. Sunglasses.
  9. First aid kit with essential medicines.
  10. Reusable water bottle.
  11. Light snacks.
  12. Travel adapter (Type C and D plugs for Nepal power outlets).
  13. Trekking gears if you have any trekking plans.
  14. Power bank.
  15. Travel map in case of low network coverage area.

Visa for Foreigners

Citizens of India, Maldives and SAARC countries do not require visa to visit Nepal. For most of the other countries there is visa on arrival which can be directly obtained at the designated entry port on arrival. Visa fee for 15 Days is 30USD, for 30 Days is 50USD and for 90 Days it is 125 USD.

For more details you can check their official website https://www.immigration.gov.np/

Travel Insurance

Though travel insurance is not mandatory to enter Nepal. We strongly recommend to get one as it provides coverage in case of unforeseen circumstances such as medical emergencies, baggage loss, trip cancellation, etc.

There are many online options available to choose from. Most of them are pretty affordable. You can check out various options at Policy Bazaar. We have taken Care Health Insurance, which was sufficient as per our requirement.

Things to keep in mind before you book your Stay

We have chosen our stay taking below points into consideration. Also, for budget travellers these will be helpful.

  1. Check out the stay options, which provide complimentary breakfast, as it saves you a lot.
  2. Do not forget to check out the distance of your hotel from the main tourist attractions and the city centre, of course.
  3. Staying in hostels can save you a penny if you travel solo.
  4. Look out for the food options nearby; otherwise, you may need to travel to the town area for your meals.
  5. You can also checkout beautiful homestays for homely vibes.

Food Options

1. Thakali: Traditional Nepali Thali.

2. Momos.

3. Thukpa and Noodles.

4. Sel Roti: Made of rice flour, sugar and milk and looks like doughnut.

Local Transport

Nepal has many transport options such as Taxis, minibuses, Motorbikes, jeeps. If you are comfortable driving you can either rent a car or scooter and explore on your own. All these options are pretty affordable.

Currency and Sim Card

Official currency of Nepal is Nepalese Rupee (NPR). You can exchange your foreign currencies, such as US Dollar, Euro, Pound, etc., at any money exchanger. Few money exchangers where you can convert your currency are: Nepal Rastra Bank, Currency Exchange counters at Airport, Tourist Hotels and Lodges, etc.

You can choose from wide range of Network Service Providers such as Ncell, Nepal Telecom (NTC), Smart Cell, UTL (United Telecom Limited), etc .

Budget breakup for the Trip

Stay options:

Chitwan, Pokhra, Muktinath, Kathmandu

For budget travellers, you could easily get double bedrooms within 500- 1000 INR per day. Most of the stay options are in and around Sauraha. In Pokhra also, you could get range of options depending on the area and the type of stay you choose. There are many stay options available in and around the lakeside road. You could get budget rooms that can cost as low as 500 INR per day. As Muktinath is a remote area , there are mostly homestay options available along with handful of hotels. Price can vary from 1500 – 2000 INR per day. In Kathmandu, we chose our stay near Gongabu chowk as this area has a wide variety of stay options which can cost somewhere 500- 1000 INR per day . Also you can easily get transport for local sightseeing.

Transport: It is always advisable to hire a private car with driver as it is easy for the locals to navigate through in this mountainous country. The rent for four wheeler generally varies from 4000 – 6000 INR per day but do not forget to negotiate. Also, you would find many options for public buses between cities.

Food: Average meal would cost around 300- 500 INR per person wherein you could also get the taste of the local delicacies like Thakali, Momos, Thukpa etc.

Cost to reach Nepal: There are many ways one can opt to reach Nepal.

To & Fro Flights from Delhi India to Kathmandu: 10000 – 14000 INR per person

By Train & bus: By train either you can reach Gorakhpur or Raxaul which are the nearest Indian border cities to Nepal. If you are travelling via Raxaul, negotiate with the tonga(horse driven vehicle) for border crossing that will take you to the closest Nepali town Birgunj.

If you are going via Gorakhpur , then you need to take a public transport or private cab to Sunauli border. You can either take a walk or negotiate with cycle rickshaw for border crossing to reach the border town of Nepal: Bhairahawa.

If you choose to travel from Siliguri to Kathmandu, there are bus options which can cost somewhere around 2000 INR per person.

Inner Line permit for visiting Muktinath: 1000 INR per person

As we took this trip through Suruby, it cost us 28000/- INR per person inclusive food, accommodation , transfer, ILP and local sightseeing for 11 days 10 nights. We visited during December 2021. Also the cost may vary depending on the season. Visit their website to know more details. In case, you plan to visit on your own you can also take a look at the above cost breakup.

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3. Muktinath

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