10 Amazing things to know about Garuda Wisnu Kenkana park (GWK) in 2023

mindfulllofvacations by mitkau

Garuda Wisnu Kencana (GWK) is a monumental statue in Bali depicting the Hindu deity Vishnu riding the mythical bird Garuda 

The GWK statue is a colossal masterpiece, towering at a height of 121 meters (397 feet) 

The statue represents the Hindu belief in the cosmic balance between good and evil 

The construction of GWK took years to complete, starting in 1997 and finishing in 2018 

GWK is situated on a hilltop in Bali's Bukit Peninsula 

The GWK complex is not only home to the monumental statue but also encompasses a cultural park 

GWK is the result of a collaboration between artists, engineers, and craftsmen 

GWK has become a major tourist attraction in Bali 

GWK is considered as a national pride of Indonesia