Chose a Perfect Travel Bag for Your Upcoming Trip in 2024

As you all know, we are “Travel Freaks”; there is a common notion of choosing the “travel bag” wisely. Choosing the travel bag wisely is essential, whether for a short weekend trip or a long, adventurous one. We agree that we have numerous bags at our disposal; however, choosing the appropriate travel bag is vital for a smooth and stress-free travel experience.

If you are confused about your travel bag, we guess you have come to the right place. In this blog, we will share our experience of choosing a travel bag.

Let’s break this blog into the following vital points.

1. Travel Bag Options

Most of us are aware of the commonly available options:

  1. Trolleys
  2. Duffle Bags
  3. Backpacks
  4. Rucksacks
  5. Garment Bags

Now lies the question about the destination, the duration of the trip, and most importantly, personal preferences.

What We Prefer: As for us, we are primarily comfortable either with trolleys or rucksacks.

Now, the next critical criterion is…..

2. Size and Capacity

We travel a lot; as a matter of fact, this criterion becomes quite a trade-off, we would say. The bags should be spacious to accommodate all the essentials without being overly bulky. Bulkiness especially happens with large-size trolleys that are around 30 inches in height. They are not only heavy but also become quite challenging to carry. Trolleys with a height of a maximum of 26 inches are preferable when it comes to opting.

If you plan to travel by air, check airline regulations to avoid extra baggage fees.

What We Prefer: We usually prefer to travel with a medium-sized trolley for long trips or a backpack in case of a weekend trip.

Now that we are discussing trolley, the question automatically arises on the……

3. Material and Durability

Durability is also an important criterion. Nowadays, the bodies of the trolleys are made out of rugged polyester, cordura or ballistic nylon. All the materials are abrasive resistant.

Each of these materials has advantages, and the choice depends on factors such as the bag’s intended use, travel style, and budget. For rugged and long-lasting travel bags, we suggest options made with ballistic nylon or Cordura, while rugged polyester can give you a trade-off between durability and cost-effectiveness.

Similarly, reinforced stitching and quality zippers are vital factors to ensure your bag withstands the test of time. Stitching and zipper quality become the sole factor when choosing backpacks or rucksacks. Now, let’s discuss other factors for choosing a travel bag.

What We Prefer: We usually prefer durability over looks, hence soft trolley bags made out of nylon, polyester or other flexible material are the best ones for long trips.

The next on the list is…….

4. Struggle to choose between wheels or no wheels

There is no doubt that wheeled luggage is way more convenient for mobility through the streets and airports. However, a sturdy backpack, rucksack or duffel bag may be better if your journey includes travelling on rugged terrain or adventurous off-road treks.

What We Prefer: We usually prefer a medium-sized 4 wheeled trolley for long trips as it is easy to carry.

You think about the places you have included in your upcoming trip as we take you to the next vital factor……

5. Ergonomic Aspect

This factor becomes essential in the case of a backpack, rucksack, duffel, or any bag with straps. Padded shoulder straps and ergonomic designs can make a significant difference during long walks, hiking or trekking. Check the bag’s weight distribution and adjustability to suit your body type.

What We Prefer: We usually prefer bags only from renowned brands. Nowadays, local brands are also considering this important aspect while designing the bags. You may choose as per your need.

After the ergonomic aspect comes the……

6. Security Features

Travel bags with anti-theft features like lockable zippers, RFID-blocking pockets, and slash-resistant straps add peace of mind while travelling. Keeping valuables safe is essential, especially while exploring unknown destinations.

While looking for security features, one must not forget the compartments and pockets. Choose a bag with designated spaces for essentials like electronics, documents, and toiletries. It makes travelling so easy and convenient.

What We Prefer: This is one of the must have while choosing the travel bag. While choosing your travel bag, ensure it has atleast combination lock.

The last on our list is…….

7. Style and Aesthetics

The travel bag that we carry is somewhat an extension of our personality. Here, we suggest choosing a travel bag that suits your practical needs and reflects your taste and personality. It’s up to you to decide whether you prefer sleek and modern designs or more rugged and adventure-ready options; there are a lot of options for travel bags that matches your style.

Just think about these factors and you are ready to go with your favourite travel bag.

Hope you got a glimpse on how to choose a travel bag wisely.

Wait! We are not going anywhere without this last question……    

8. What kind of help are we going to provide?

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