Plan a Perfect Memorable Trip to Nusa Penida in 2024 With These Insider Facts

Are you the one who heard only of Nusa Penida Island? Have you ever heard of Nusa Penida Island? If you are curious about Nusa Penida, this blog is just for you. You will get a glimpse of what Nusa Penida is all about……….

We call ourselves Travel Freaks………

Before we take you all on this adventurous trip to Nusa Penida, The most famous Instagrammable Spot in Bali, let’s start with our question……

1. How was our take on Nusa Penida Island Tour?

We really cannot express when the day arrived when we were to visit the famous Nusa Penida Island. The excitement level was at its peak.

We got ready early as we had our ferry at around eight o’clock. Deva, our guide, picked us up at around 6:30 am & we reached Sanur Harbour within an hour.

Yeah, we know what you might be thinking…….

2. Why were we going to Sanur Harbour?

As we were referring to…

Nusa Penida is a small Island located on the east side of Bali Island. In order to reach there, you need to take ferries from Sanu Harbour.

Coming back to our story………

After reaching Sanur Harbour, we had breakfast by the harbour and the sea in front. All boats’ and ferries’ times were announced & travellers were given ID cards to identify the specific boat quickly.

After waiting for our ferry announcement, we also got our ID cards. Before boarding, we had to take off the shoes & keep them in the basket. To get on to the ferry, we had to walk a bit in the water & finally, we were on the ferry to Nusa Penida. It took us approximately half an hour to reach the island.

Our new readers coming to this blog might be wondering……….

3. How much did we explore Bali till that point in time?

For a short recap of our trip to Bali, we were already done with the landing in Bali and explored the southern and central parts.

Now coming to our day trip to Nusa Penida Island, we were excited to arrive at one of our dream spots.

You are now thinking, what happened next? ….. So here is your question……..

4. What was the first place that we explored at Nusa Penida Island?

As soon as we reached, our driver was waiting on the other side of the island to take us for the day trip. We met him & started with our island tour.

The first place on the itinerary was Angele Billabong. This place has fantastic ocean views with unique limestone formations. The name is given after a local mythic story, according to which this place is for angel bath and hence the name Angele Billabong.

As we were exploring that site, it was drizzling. Somehow managed to get some pics and quickly moved towards the next destination, Broken Beach, which was approximately half an hour from there.

Now you might wonder………..

5. How was the experience at Broken Beach?

Broken Beach was an incredible little cove on Nusa Penida island. The reason it is called Broken Beach is because of the archway that wraps around the bay, allowing water to flow in and out of the ocean.

This is one of the famous Instagrammable spots. There are some ancient stories of the city connected with the place, which is said to have been created by the footsteps of a giant or an angry wizard.

Finally, we got some excellent clicks as the weather cleared.

After exploring Broken Beach, it was time for lunch. It started drizzling again as we headed for lunch. It was a charming ambience local restaurant where we had set course meal for lunch.

By approximately 12:30 pm, we were done with our lunch and were ready to move to the remaining spots of the day.

We know now what you are curious about…….

6. What was the next spot, and how was the experience?

Well, the next spot was Kelingking Secret Point, the most awaited destination of the day.

The place is so picturesque & is a must-visit on a Bali trip. It took us around an hour to reach there, but the travel was worth the gorgeous views the place offers.

Safety at Kelingking is based on bamboo rails. In many places on the edge of the cliff, there is no road, and the grass takes you to the edge and hundreds of feet above the rock. So be very careful if you plan to go down to the beach.

Also, beware of monkeys near the railings. The place is usually crowded, but you can get the place all to yourself during sunrise hours or just after that.

There are so many spots on this Island that you need two full days to explore. In our case, we were moving to our last spot…….

7. What was the last spot that we visited?

Now it was time for us to move to our last spot of the day, which was Crystal Bay Beach.

It was almost one and half hour’s drive from Kelingking Beach. We all took a short nap on the go, and in no time, we reached Crystal Bay Beach.

It was an incredible secluded bay which offered snorkelling & diving activities along with gorgeous sunset views. It is known as Nusa Penida’s famous snorkelling and diving site.

You can soak up and relax watching the sea waves. By 3:30 pm, we had to leave for the harbour to catch our ferry back. After reaching the harbour, we waited for some time for our boat’s boarding to start.

Wait, we forgot to share the most adventurous moment of the day…… Hmm……

8. What was our most adventurous moment of the day?

We are getting goosebumps on sharing this.

On the way back to the main Bali Island, it was a thrilling journey as the waves were unpredictable & too high, splashing water on the passengers seated on the window side.

The heavy waves caused turbulence, and passengers with sea sickness had vomiting tendencies & dizziness. The fellow travellers were getting terrified, and everyone was praying to reach safely to the shore soon.

Still, the ferry staffs were calm and composed and enjoying as if nothing had happened. It might be as if it was part of their daily routine.

After this adventurous journey, we reached Sanur Harbour, Bali. This ride we would never forget in our lifetime.

Our cab was waiting there. We quickly made our way to it and started our journey back to the hotel. It gives us goosebumps to think of that boat ride. We had a fantastic day at Nusa Penida. We planned for a day trip from Bali, but if you wish, you can also stay at Nusa Penida and explore more places.

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Wait, we are not going without this last question you wanna know…….

10. What kind of help are we gonna provide?

Let us inform you that we prepare itineraries not only for anywhere in India but also for Asia. We have been travelling since we were toddlers. So here in our blogs and stories, we will be giving you a glimpse of our journey and also helping you to plan your trip.

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