Plan a Perfect Day Trip to North Bay Island and Ross Island With These Insider Facts in 2024

Have you ever experienced Scuba Diving or Snorkelling before? Have you ever taken a glass boat ride? Are you an underwater enthusiast?? Feeling Excited!! Don’t worry, we will take you through another exciting day in our Andaman blog series. This time, it is to the famous North Bay Island and Ross Island.

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After a fantastic landing at Port Blair the previous day and a well-planned visit to the iconic Cellular Jail, it was time for another exciting day. Do read our previous blog to know more about it.

Returning to our story, this would be a special day for us. We would be ticking off one of our wishes from our long bucket list, “Scuba Diving in the Andaman“.

Wait! You didn’t ask……

1. How are we gonna reach North Bay and Ross Island?

Well, it was an early rise for us at 5 o’clock, maybe out of excitement. We had our breakfast by 8 o’clock in the morning at our hotel. By 9 o’clock, we left for the jetty at Junglighat Jetty (the place where ferry departure takes place) which was hardly 20-25 minutes from our stay. Yes, there is also another jetty named Aberdeen Jetty within the Rajiv Gandhi Water Sports Complex. Yes, you got it right. It’s the same area where we came to the previous day. The fact was our departure was from the Junglighat Jetty.

The price of the ferry for the two islands was about 300 INR per person. Of Course, we were lucky to book the tickets through our hotel, other last-minute rush can hamper your planning.

Tip: Do contact the hotel owner for your ferry bookings well in advance.

As we reached the jetty by 9:30 AM, the place started to fill with travellers not only from India but also from abroad. We waited for our specific ferry owner to arrive. There were many ferry owners over there. Thankfully, before we could place a call, he called us and showed us the correct ferry for our trip to North Bay Island.

We tried to take the best seat for a good panoramic view of the journey. It was hardly a 20-minute ride and in no time we landed on North Bay Island.

Now the next question…..

2. How was the first impression of the North Bay Island?

North Bay is best renowned as the Coral Islands. Most importantly, this island is quite famous among underwater enthusiasts. We were no different. As soon as we got off from our ferry, we hurriedly went to one of the counters for scuba diving. There were many stalls where you could get tickets for any water sports activities such as Snorkeling and Sea walking. The price was about 3000-3500 INR for Scuba Diving or Sea Walking and 300-500 INR for Snorkelling.

We even noticed tickets were available at the Junglighat Jetty. Many representatives from North Bay Island were there at the jetty to influence the travellers and get the tickets for the water activities from them. We got our Scuba Diving tickets from one of these stalls. There was some general form fill-up and we were ready to go.

Now the most awaited question…..

3. How was the experience of Scuba Diving?

After filling out the form, we were asked to select a suitable diving suitable to our body size. We chose one and waited patiently for our turn. After about 40 minutes, our turn came and we went close to the bay and stood on a chest-high deep water. Yeah, there was a personal guide. He handed us the diving mask and asked us to wear the oxygen cylinder bag. He gave us a short training on how to react under the water and follow his hand gestures.

Initially, we were a bit hesitant to dive so deep seeing the sea water but the guide made us comfortable and finally, we ticked off this item from our bucket list.

Tip: Follow your guide’s instructions properly and try to avoid seawater getting inside your eyes or mouth, as the saline water can cause itching tendency.

Slowly, we followed him and went deep into the water. We saw corals, fish and many other water organisms. It was such an amaze to see and experience this marine life from so close, felt like a dream came true.

We were over the moon when we found that videography and photography were already included in the tickets that we purchased. This was a memorable experience of 40-45 minutes.

As we finished our Scuba diving there was a slight drizzle. We even saw many food stalls. It was about 1 o’clock in the afternoon when we had our lunch on the North Bay Island. After a light lunch, we got onto our ferry for Ross Island.

Do remember that water sports activities are only possible in the North Bay Island and not in the Ross Island.

Returning to our story, it was a 15-minute ride to Ross Island and we got off from the ferry……

Now your obvious question…….

4. How was the Ross Island?

As soon as we reached Ross Island, we observed an ambience of the British Colonial era. On checking out the history we came to know that the island was once the administrative headquarters of the British during their rule in the Andamans. Only architectural ruins were left now.

The name of the island has been renamed as Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose Island by our Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi Ji. As we entered the island we saw a few deers standing.

As we tried to take a close snap they ran away. Feeding the animals on the island was strictly prohibited. Littering is also banned or else you might be fined for around 20000 INR.

In the meantime, we quenched our thirst with coconut water. Our journey of exploring the island continued.

We visited the ruins of the Chief Commissioner’s House, the Church, and the British Club, each reflecting the island’s colonial past. We even saw a print machine and a secretariat office. Most Importantly, do remember that there are few or no shops on this island and Wednesday is completely closed. This island is more of a museum.

There is also a light and sound show every evening at 5:30 PM except Wednesday. There is a fee of about 100 INR per person. We wanted to stay till the evening. However, the weather started turning sour and we were left with no other choice but to return to Port Blair.

With heavy hearts, we started our return journey and sat on our ferry. It was hardly 5:15 PM when we got off our ferry. Though dusk was around the corner, we noticed the sun playing hide and seek with a slight drizzle on the backdrop.

We waited for our car and headed towards our stay. It was another 25 minutes ride.

The main challenge for this day trip is to get the ferry tickets that would be possible if you could contact your hotel manager well in advance. There are many car rental services available. You can find many from online portals. Of course, we can help you to find a suitable one. We are just a click away.

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5. What kind of help are we going to provide?

Let us inform you that we prepare itineraries not only for anywhere in India but also for Asia. We have been travelling since we were toddlers. So here in our blogs and stories, we will give you a glimpse of our journey and help you plan your trip.

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