Plan your Perfect trip to Cu Chi Tunnels And Mekong Delta in 2024 With These Insider facts

Have you ever been to any Tunnel City which has multiple levels?

Have you ever taken a boat ride to any Delta region covered with Trees?

If not, let’s take you all through this adventurous day out to the Cu Chi Tunnels and Mekong Delta.

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Let’s begin with a quick recap. We arrived in Vietnam a day before and had a memorable experience watching a renowned water puppet show. In case you haven’t read about it, check out here.

Let’s begin this blog by unfolding the answer to the first question that we asked. We hope you got it.

1. How did we reach Cu Chi Tunnels?

As we were excited about our day trip, we got ready by 6:30 AM. Our stay had complimentary breakfast, so we got it packed. We booked the day trip through a local tour operator. You could also book through Klook/ Viator, etc.

Our driver and guide were already waiting in the lobby. Hence, we quickly got into the traveller minibus to start our trip.

It was around 2 hours ride from our stay. We took out the breakfasts. It was delicious soupy veggie noodles and coffee they had packed for us.

On the way we stopped at a local art centre where they were making eggshell and seashell paintings. They demonstrated the entire process. One could even buy beautifully carved paintings.

After visiting the art centre, it was around 10 AM, when we again continued our journey to Cu Chi Tunnels.

You might wonder…

2. What all can be done at Cu Chi Tunnels?

Cu Chi Tunnels is a wide area of Tunnels spread around 250kms . Entrance ticket cost us around 5USD/ 110000 VND per person.

Vietnamese communist guerrilla fighters used this place as a hideout during the Vietnamese war against American and South Vietnamese forces.

These tunnels served as hiding spots, supply routes, communication and coordination centres, and even living quarters for the fighters.

Tunnels had multiple levels consisting of living quarters, schools, meeting rooms, hospitals, etc.

As we entered Cu Chi Tunnels, we were excited to take the pics in the famous signature pose inside the tunnel or holding the cover of the tunnel (trapdoor). Trapdoors were designed such that it blended with the surroundings.

We spotted the traps laid out by the guerrilla fighters to trap their enemies. We even saw tanks, weapons used by the fighters in the war. At a few places, you can explore the tunnel area, going down from one side and coming out from the other end. The tunnel was dark and very narrow from inside.

Tip: Beware, claustrophobic people do not get down inside the tunnel.

We visited one of the place where we got down inside the tunnel and saw the living room of the guerrilla fighters.

There was even a designated area inside the Cu Chi Tunnels referred to as a shooting range. Visitors can experience different kinds of weapons used for shooting at this place.

The place had a few souvenir shops selling caps, T-shirts, magnets, etc.

We headed for lunch after exploring the entire place for around 2 hours. It was a set traditional menu.

We enjoyed the lunch and the famous Saigon river was at the backside. We spent some time there.

As we completed exploring Cu Chi Tunnels, you might want to know the answer to our second question…

3. Where did we head next?

Our next destination was none other than the Rice Bowl of Vietnam, the Mekong Delta. It took us around 2 hours to reach. This region is one of the most fertile areas of Vietnam, covering an area of about 40,000 sq km. As we got down, our guide mentioned that we need to take a short motorboat ride to reach the Mekong Delta region.

After getting down, there were plenty of coconut trees. We were taken to a place where a cultural performance was held. We enjoyed their show with the traditional Vietnamese fruits and drink. Afterwards, we proceeded for the famous Mekong Delta boat ride.

It was a narrow boat taking around 2-3 visitors. You can see the villages, orchards and rice fields as you pass through. The delta region was covered with coconut, mangrove and palm trees to name a few. We enjoyed the ride and chit-chatted with the person rowing the boat.

Once we were done with our ride, a few small shops were selling out their famous handmade cookies, chocolates, ice creams, etc. After having a quick glance at the store, we bought the coconut cookies. Then we decided to take the return trip as it was getting dark.

It was around 5 PM and the stores were getting closed early due to Tet holiday time. So we started our return journey to Ho Chi Minh City. Again, it was a 2-2.5-hour drive to our stay.

As we all got tired, some took a quick nap while a few chit-chatted and checked out the pics taken during the day.

Soon, we reached our stay area. Before entering the hotel, we thought to have dinner. We had Veg Fried rice with Soupy Noodles and Omelette.

With this, we called off an adventurous day. Hope you got a glimpse of the Cu Chi Tunnels and Mekong Delta and can easily plan your itinerary.

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