Plan a perfect weekend trip to the City famous for Silk: Chanderi in 2024 with these insider facts

Have you ever been to any city that is renowned for its silk? If you are yet to see or witness, then this blog is just for you. In this blog, we will take you all to the famous city of Chanderi, famous for its silk.

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We finished exploring Orchha the previous day. Read our previous blog on Orchha; it will give you an insight into the place and plan your itinerary.

Returning to our story, after morning breakfast, we started our day trip. The plan was to explore Chanderi. Our driver was already waiting outside.

As we checked out from our hotel, we loaded our luggage in the car and started our journey to Chanderi. It was around a 2.5-hour drive from Orchha.

Now many of you might be curious about…….

1. Why Chanderi?

As we have already introduced, Chanderi is quite famous for its Chanderi Silk Sarees. Apart from this, the city has a rich cultural and architectural offering. The place also has a rich history towards textile production.

All these aspects made us quite excited towards visiting Chanderi. Let’s break this blog into the following tourist attractions we stopped by. The first on our list was…….

2. Chanderi Museum

The Archaeological Survey of India manages the museum. The entry fee was a nominal, 5 INR per person.

One striking feature we noticed while entering was the statue of Lord Shiva. It is believed that the statue is the Pashupatinath form of Rudra.

As we walked across various galleries of the museum:

  • Vaishnava Gallery: depicting Hindu Lord Vishnu and his different avatars
  • Shaiva and Shakta Gallery: depicting various forms of Shiva and Shakti
  • Jaina Gallery houses various sculptures of different Jain Tirthankars
  • Anandam Gallery: it showcases various artefacts of the Mughal influence on Chanderi
WhatsApp Image 2023-11-08 at 11.52.19 AM

We got a glimpse of the history of Chanderi through this place.

One could easily spare 2-3 hours based on interest. We spent around two hours before continuing our journey, as we had a long-planned day ahead.

It was close to 1 o’clock in the afternoon, and hungry. We then stepped out for lunch. After lunch, it was time to see the most famous thing of Chanderi; you got it right…..

3. Chanderi Silk Shopping

We started exploring the city to look for a suitable shop for Chanderi Silk. There were numerous options that you can get for your loved ones. We loved the variety and options we got to see.

Tip: Do not forget to explore different stores and shops for the best offers.

Soon after shopping, we visited Koshak Mahal & Badal Mahal. Both palaces were built during the era of the Khilji Dynasty. We loved both the historical sites. However, the weather was about to turn sour as a heavy downpour was around the corner. It was a run through both palaces, and somehow hopped into the car.

As we started our return journey to our home location, something struck our head and there we go, a twist in the tale.

4. What was the twist in the tale?

We conversed with our driver about dropping us off at the station for our return journey. But, in parallel, some other plans were cooking up in our mind, considering the Krishna Janmashtami festival the next day.

So, after discussing and sorting out a few things, we decided to go to Mathura rather than returning home. Initially, we looked at how long it would take us to reach Mathura, the best possible way to go and the best possible stay options. We finally started with this second part of the trip, which was unplanned.

Given that we disclose about reaching Mathura, you might be eager about……

5. When did we reach Mathura?

It was around 7-8 hours drive from Orchha to Mathura. Our driver also mentioned that there would be a grand celebration there, and we were excited to witness this.

On the way, it rained heavily. We were excited to reach as soon as possible to witness the most awaited festival celebrations, Krishna Janmashtami.

There was massive traffic on the highway. Around 11 PM, we entered Mathura; the roads were full of vehicles and people. Festivity vibes were at their peak. Also, we saw very high security in and around the city.

As we did not have any prior bookings, we checked at a few hotels for accommodation availability and fortunately got one. It was an OK stay for one night as all the hotels were already full.

Tip: Make advance booking if you plan to visit Mathura and Vrindavan during Janmashtami.

As soon as we checked into our room, we dropped our luggage and left for the Krishna Janmabhumi temple and visited the surrounding area at midnight.

The whole area was beautifully decorated with lights.

We took a stroll around the area for some time, then returned to our stay with a plan to visit the following day.

Stay tuned for this exciting blog part as we continue our journey to Mathura.

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