Do you want to convert Bali currency to INR or vice-versa? Things to know before you plan your trip to Bali in 2024

Many of us dream of a memorable trip to Bali. However, the challenge of how to convert Bali currency or what to carry in Bali gives us sleepless nights. Most of us generally think, “How do we convert Bali currency to INR or vice-versa?” If you are one of them, you have come to the right place.

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1. What is the currency of Bali?

Bali is located on the east coast of the Central Java Island of Indonesia. The official currency is the Indonesian Rupiah (IDR). An amazing thing is that despite Indonesia having higher denomination bank notes, with 100,000 IDR being the highest, it is still equivalent to an Indian denomination of around 500 INR.

The Indonesian currency is quite vibrant and features not only historical figures but also Indonesian landscapes and cultural elements.

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2. What is the best possible currency to carry in Bali?

This question can be answered in a single word, “US Dollar“. If you are going to Bali from India or from anywhere across the globe, you can carry US dollars. Many restaurants, hotels, large shops, and tour operators accept US Dollars.

Always try to carry US Dollars of higher denomination such as 100 $ or 50 $ over 5 $ or 10 $. This will fetch you a good exchange value.

It’s always an excellent option to convert your US Dollars into the locally used IDR for ease of usage. However, before converting USD to IDR, always visit an authorised money exchanger for currency exchange.

Apart from the US Dollar, Euro or Australian Dollars are also accepted. However, the acceptance rate is relatively low compared to the US Dollar.

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3. Are there any possibilities of converting Bali currency to INR or vice-versa?

There was a lot of curiosity when we planned our trip to Bali. Do read our Bali blogs for a better understanding of the Island and planning your itinerary. We even thought there might be an exchanger where we could convert our INR to IDR or IDR to INR at the end of the trip. Unfortunately, we could not find any. Most of the money exchangers accept US Dollars with ease, but no one accepts INR.

Just try to carry sufficient cash, such that you don’t have to use other options. At the end of your trip, if there are any IDRs left with you, try to convert them into US Dollars. It is better to obtain a higher denomination as much as possible as that will again fetch you a good exchange value into INR further.

Most importantly, while converting US dollars into IDR, check current exchange rates and convert the currency.

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4. What if we don’t want to carry cash?

Well, we would suggest you all carry cash, especially for your ease of convenience. Still, if you insist on using cards, yes, you can. Do remember that only well-established restaurants, shops or hotels might have the facility of using VISA and Mastercard.

Cards can also be used in ATMs for some convenience fees. ATMs are widely available across the Bali Island. Using debit cards in ATMs can also be an alternative for those who don’t want to carry cash.

Another important factor is that you cannot even use UPI transactions in Bali, as you could easily use them across India. Therefore, carrying US Dollars is one of the best options over using credit or debit cards. Generally, there is a cap of 3000 USD liquid cash per person per visit when travelling from India to any foreign destinations.

Hope, you now have an idea of how to convert Bali currency to INR and vice-versa.

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